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Helping Small Businesses with Website Services and Content

It can be said that the goal of life should not be to get rich, but to enrich the world. The secret of satisfying work is to provide quality in whatever you do*.

* Millman, Dan (1998) Everyday Enlightenment The Twelve Gateways to Personal Growth, Warner Books

Ann Fitzsimons is the CEO of ATC Web Solutions - woman-owned business in Mountain View California
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Solutions to support your small business website

We are a web design and digital marketing company in San Jose, California. We work with small to medium sized businesses in Silicon Valley, San Francisco Bay Area, and throughout California. Our clients are attorneys, chiropractors, auto mechanics, construction contractors, non-profits and hair dressers just to name a few. We have reasonably-priced website and web development services. In addition, we help with marketing your company, taking time to perform in a very practical approach. Before working with any business owner, we learn about your industry and your unique language (keywords for SEO) – to serve you optimally.

Background Story

Every business is unique and has different challenges. We at ATC Web Solutions love solving web and marketing issues for owners of small and mid-sized businesses. Working together to solve problems is a challenge and is wonderfully rewarding.

Ann Fitzsimons started ATC Web Solutions in 2004 and now has almost 20 years of experience in small business website services and managing her woman-run web business – all in addition to 26 plus years of working as a full-time web developer/specialist at companies such as NetApp, Meriwest Credit Union, Palo Alto Networks and others. Through it all she discovered that she sincerely enjoys helping small businesses with their websites and marketing.

ATC Web Solutions believes in telling people the truth to clients. If they need something, we tell them; and if they don’t, we tell them that, too. If they don’t understand technology (and the web can get technical very quickly), we explain it in plain English. The web can be an unknown place to those not into technology. In addition, web services could become expensive very quickly if you start creating a website without knowing what to anticipate.

Trust is important in almost every aspect of human interaction – personal relationships, hiring a gardener and, of course, hiring a website services and marketing company. It is our hope, if we work together, that you will come to trust ATC Web Solutions as so many other clients have.

Let us help you with your small business website to improve your online visibility and credibility in addition to your customers’ user experience.
ATC Web Solutions has a real passion for helping small businesses with their websites

Organizations We Recommend

  • Logo Designers *
    We tell you what to ask for from the designer, what formats we will need for your website and how and where else you might use your logo so it will be broadly useful to you for other marketing needs.
  • Business Cards Printed and Car Magnet Signs Designed *
    We recommend using VistaPrint for printing business cards and creating car magnet signs. Their quality has been consistent and their pricing is very competitive. I can design the business cards and/or the car magnet signs and then send them to VistaPrint for printing.
  • Hosting Companies *
    We recommend very reliable hosting companies such as BlueHost, HostGator or IonBlade.
  • View our services for more details.

* We do not take any money from the people or organizations that we recommend. We think getting people the help they need is just the right thing to do.

Website Improvements

Changes or additions to your website in WordPress, Joomla or Drupal CMS, hosting company issues, photos, content writing - wherever you need to make your small business website better – ATC Web Solutions can solve website problems.

Marketing for Small Businesses

Is your Yelp site set up with photos and a good company description? Do you have Google Business set up? What about a company Facebook page? Do you need a logo? We can also help with your online and physical or traditional marketing - and more!

Website Maintenance

Ongoing website maintenance done well helps ensure a competitive website that grows your business. Plus, a website that is regularly updated helps to make sure search engines such as Google (SEO) are happy to "find you."

ATC Web Solutions accredited with Design Rush agency ATC Web Solutions is listed on DesignRush, a B2B Marketplace fir Website development, Digital marketing and SEO.


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