Web or Marketing Questions? No problem!

We provide website and marketing services for small and mid-sized businesses. We've been around since 2004 adapting and changing with technology trends. We consistently provide stellar communication, a personal touch, honesty and fair pricing for website maintenance services, creating new websites and digital marketing support services.

We charge $70/hour for all services – creating or building new websites, website content writing, web development, optimizing photos and images, doing search engine optimization (SEO), HTML emails…. it’s all $70/hour. You can ask for a certain item on your website to be fixed and if it takes 40 minutes, you’ll only be charged for 40 minutes.  If you need something that takes 3 hours, you’ll be only charged for 3 hours.

Our hours are Monday-Friday 8:30 am – 5:30 pm PT. We are located in San Jose near Los Gatos, CA. But if you have an emergency with your website, and you’re already a client, you can call or email any time during the day or early evening. 

ATC Web Solutions has been in business since 2004.  During that time we have grown our business via word-of-mouth and in 2020 decided to expand our business and build out our own website displaying our website support services, WordPress and Wix services (and more) and marketing services.

No. We try to keep costs down for small businesses and using a template that has already been created and debugged achieves that goal. We then customize the purchased template with images, different colors and other technical changes. It saves time and money, and you’ll still end up with your own unique small business website.  Usually WordPress templates cost between $75-$150. We do not use free WordPress templates; they can be older versions or have quality issues. We prefer purchased templates that include support so we can get issues quickly resolved.

Yes, we work with WordPress. We support the backend of WordPress, plugins, updating WordPress versions, that backups are being done, etc. To help keep costs low we use WordPress themes and then customize them. We also work with Joomla and Drupal. In addition, if you have a website that was built with HTML/CSS using FTP, we work with those sites too – no problem!

No, we don’t host websites. We leave that job to companies that specialize in hosting and have high-performance hosting systems. We usually recommend people use BlueHost, IonBlade, HostGator and other well-known hosting companies. We help with all of the set up and technical details. View a list of the largest web hosting companies.  We make working with hosting companies and all other details with having a website as painless as possible for our clients.

Great question – it all depends! We’ve worked with companies where we launched a new website in a couple of months. And we’ve had a client where it took 2.5 years to launch their new website (neither one of us quit on each other and we finally got it done). ATC Web Solutions can build websites and take care of many details but certain decisions and business-specific content writing can only be completed in cooperation with the business owner. On average, we estimate between two to three months for a website project with active participation by the client. A site may require more or less time depending on the complexity of the features, if you already have a domain and a hosting company. Plus, it matters how much of the content has been written, will there be videos and have they been created and if photos have been selected.