Auto Repair Shop Now Can Set Up Appointments via their Website

When we created the Auto Tec website in 2017, customers were about to set up appointments via the website. That alone helped to streamline communications with customers. Owner Don Nguyen, in April 2022, sold the Car Repair Shop to Connor Griffoul. The website also has a web page emphasizing Safety Checks that help support customers when selling their car or purchasing a used one. In addition, the website is linked from Yelp which allows the owner to detail all of their services.

About Auto Tec

Auto Tec LLC was a family-owned, customer-centric full-service auto repair shop in Campbell when owned by Don Nguyen. In 2022, when it was sold, it is still family-owned. ATC Web Solutions knew Don Nguyen for over 20 years. They had been in business since 1991 first located in Los Gatos and now in Campbell, CA. They work on domestic and imports (no European) cars, trucks and vans. ATC Web Solutions owner, Ann Fitzsimons, had been “bugging” Don about getting a website for almost as long as he had been maintaining all of her vehicles. Auto Tec was, at the time, the only car repair company who was consistently getting 5-Star reviews on Yelp (as of October 2020, they had 154 5-Star Yelp reviews). In 2017, Ann finally convinced Don to stop talking about doing his website and to hire ATC Web Solutions – which he did!!


Don did not have a website and about the only thing he did have was his logo. But with the change of ownership in 2022, Connor Griffoul changed the logo to it’s current look. At the time of the inception of the website, Don wanted to promote his family-run auto repair business highlighting that they repair domestic and import cars and trucks (no European vehicles). He also wanted people to be able to make reservations via a form from the website. As far as a web presence, Auto Tec had only a Yelp site. But their Yelp site was and still is amazing with over 150 reviews (in Spring 2020) and almost 200 as of June, 2022, with almost all being 5-star reviews!


ATC Web Solutions created the Auto Tec website in WordPress. After reviewing quite a few WordPress templates we reached an agreement with Don on the one that was most suitable for his business. We first created a sitemap to lay out how the menu and the content should be arranged. Then Don explained what Auto Tec did and how the shop worked. ATC Web Solutions wrote most of the content for the website (making sure to add in keywords). Together we selected the images, reviewed the content and worked through issues that arose. ATC Web Solutions also added Auto Tec to Google Business.


Auto Tec now refers people to the website for appointments. That feature has helped streamline communication with their customers. They are able to display before and after photos on certain mechanical examples that demonstrate why car maintenance is so important. We linked the website on Yelp. They also wrote a page on “Deciding When It’s Time to Sell Your Car” and that has helped to bring people to them so that they can do Safety Checks on cars that will objectively and honestly explain approximately how long their car will last. This page emphasizes that they support customers when they are thinking of selling their cars or if they are thinking of purchasing a used vehicle. These few online features have really helped Auto Tec streamline segments of their business.

Website Details

  • Created account on GoDaddy
  • Obtained the domain and set up the site with GoDaddy and secured SSL (https://)
  • Set up WordPress instance
  • Used the Francisco WordPress CMS theme and made customization’s
  • ATC Web Solutions project managed the entire development of the website, organized the website worked directly with the client and determined the menus
  • Found or took almost all of the photos on the website (the client supplied few photos) and ATC Web Solutions wrote most of the website content. Content and images were all approved by the client
  • Logo was supplied by client
  • Wrote the title tags and Meta description tags
  • Continue to manage, maintain, and perform quality control on the website


  • Customized all the title tags and the Meta description tags
  • Determined the keywords to focus on and used them throughout the content
  • Keywords were used as file names
  • Made sure keywords were used for links and that every page had at least three keyword phrases
  • Made sure that links were correct
  • Installed Google Analytics
  • Set up a sitemap.xml and had it verified by Google
  • Optimized images
  • Set up Google Business
  • Added images to Yelp site with keywords
  • Created Google Business site
  • Client Name : Don Nguyen / Connor Griffoul
  • Company Name : Auto Tec LLC
  • Date : Summer 2017 to June 2022
  • Technology Used :
    • WordPress
    • JavaScript
    • Photoshop
    • Illustrator