Cleaning Up the Bay Area One Client at a Time

ATC Web Solutions connected with Juan Martinez when he called after seeing the ATC Web Solutions car magnet in October 2020. He wanted to update his very plain, 4-page Wix website into a more in-depth website advertising all of his services. His previous website essentially had just his list of services and some nice photos that his niece had created for him.

About Bay Area Janitorial

Bay Area Janitorial based in Silicon Valley was founded in 2002. Juan built the business from the ground up and now has multiple teams of people cleaning 5 days a week all day long. They specialize in cleaning homes and offices from Santa Clara County to the San Mateo County. But they aren’t just a house or office cleaning business! They specialize in many areas such as:
    • Move-out cleaning services
    • Move-in cleaning services (in case the previous people didn’t clean well enough)
    • Deep cleaning services (cleaning the carpets, refrigerator and oven, just to name a few of the areas they clean)
    • Weekly bathroom-only cleaning services
    • Realtor cleaning services (before the house is staged and while the house is on the market)
    • Post construction cleaning (after remodeling the dust continues to settle)
    • Window cleaning and window coverings cleaning services
    • Gutter cleaning services (usually in the fall)
    • Office janitorial cleaning services

In 2001 Juan met a co-worker with a cleaning service, joined the company for about a year, learned the ropes and then, with encouragement, started his own cleaning business. He hasn’t looked back since! The great thing about Juan’s business is when Covid hit, many companies closed their offices and Juan was able to adjust and added more homes to clean in order to keep his cleaning service going.


The previous Wix-hosted website had no real content. He had a list of their services and their contact information and that was about it. His niece wasn’t really a web developer but what she had created looked very nice and it was simple. When Juan saw my car magnet sign, he contacted me and told me what he wanted. After my proposal was signed we started meeting weekly so I could understand his business needs, his goals and how he wanted the website to help him with his business. He knew what he liked and when I suggested options he guided me on what he wanted. Many of his competitors had a one-page free website or else there were site-wide or country-wide competitors such as Merry Maids (a chain of house cleaners where the people can frequently change). So he wanted something different because he wanted to “go to the next level” in his business.


Since Juan had already paid for 3 years of hosting with Wix, we decided to continue to have him stay on that platform. I was able to change the current website (the old one) and add some key content areas that were missing (for example, the geographic areas he serviced and having a consistent footer). After he signed our contract we had weekly informational meetings so that I could understand his business better. He decided he wanted to also have a company logo created. We had Karen Comey design his new logo where, after going through multiple iterations, Juan finally picked the design and the colors for the new logo.

We created a sitemap to use to guide us on what pages we wanted to create. As it sometimes happens, we found that we needed more pages because of some of his specialty cleaning services. What is wonderful about the new website, I think, is that it really shows how much work and effort Juan will do for his clients. What other cleaning services will drop items off at the dump or take items to Goodwill! We looked at multiple Wix templates and finally agreed that one particular one would be the new website template. We were able to build it out and customize it at the same time that the old website was active.

We learned the terms and keywords to use for his website and incorporated them onto every page.


When the new Bay Area Janitorial website was launched on April 7, 2021, Juan was thrilled. He immediately started telling all of his staff, friends and family about the new website and had positive feedback from the beginning. Juan wanted to have a website he could be proud of and “show off” and now he has it. From the feedback from his clients, that goal has been met and exceeded.

Bay Area Janitorial has also been added to Google My Business.

They haven’t finished with their marketing plan – Juan wants to get car magnets and shirts with logos for all of his staff. He wants to take his business to the next level, and with a great website, he can do that now.

Website Details

  • ATC Web Solutions created the current version of the Bay Area Janitorial Wix website and continues to maintain it
  • The current Wix website template was customized to meet the needs of Bay Area Janitorial company
  • ATC Web Solutions customized the website colors, fonts and arrangement of the pages, organized the content, helped to write the content and collaborated on the images throughout the website
  • Managed the quality control of the website


  • Customized all the title tags and the meta description tags
  • Determined the keywords to focus on with throughout the content
  • Inserted SEO keywords where appropriate
  • Made sure keywords were used for links and that every page had at least three keyword phrases
  • Broken links are monitored
  • Set up a sitemap and had it verified by Google
  • Optimized images and named them with keywords in addition to adding keywords to Alt tags
  • Spell checked entire site
  • Client Name : Juan Martinez
  • Company Name : Bay Area Janitorial
  • Date : October 2002
  • Technology Used :
    • Wix
    • Photoshop
    • Illustrator
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