Tailor Shop Finally Gets Website and Visibility with Google My Business Listing

ATC Web Solutions first met Hung Le when Ann went into his shop needing to have a zipper replaced on an athletic bag. Hung waited on Ann and was impressed with the service. Best Alterations was so quick in replacing the zipper that Ann asked about his web presence. He had been getting Google reviews but didn’t know how to move forward with anything. He had spent money with other web developers/web marketers before but all of them just wasted his money. He does have a Yelp presence but he doesn’t do much with it even though he has over 100 reviews as of June 2022. So Hung allowed ATC Web Solutions to set up a one-page website and to help with his marketing. Within days of the new Google Business website and listing, all of his Google reviews showed up and now people can find ALL of the pertinent information about Best Alterations.

About Best Alterations

Hung Le grew up with parents and siblings being seamstresses and tailors. So in 2000 he decided to open a Tailor’s shop in Campbell where he could quickly and expertly meet the needs of his customers that needed custom tailoring. He and his family are experts and love helping people look better in their clothes. When you go into their shop, they always greet you with a smile and want to know how they can help you. There almost isn’t a sewing repair job that they can’t do.


Best Alterations has a Yelp listing and they also had many, many Google Maps reviews. Unfortunately, though, Hung never knew how to move forward with marketing; he knows how to sew, tailor and run a business and he does all of that well. Hung also had been contacted and paid various people to help him with his marketing but no one ever really helped. More money went out than what we received in on-line help, that’s for sure.


Hung Le had faith that I would do the right thing. I was able to get his Gmail information and get his site verified quickly. ATC Web Solutions created his Google My Business listing. Because of all of the reviews that already existed, when the Google My Business listing was created, they “found” the Best Alterations listing and were easily displayed. At the same time, I created his top one-page website image and inserted the business days and hours that the business was open, the description of what Best Alterations does and the contact information.

ATC Web Solutions was thrilled to have a role in bringing Best Alterations easily found on Google and to have created their one-web page website.

Website Details

  • Set up Google My Business one-age website
  • Created new header image for the one-page webstie since there was no company logo
  • Uploaded optimized and cropped images
  • Added content in services and company discription
  • Added business hours
  • Set it up to get the Google My Business verified
  • Added address


  • Set up Google My Business listing
  • Determined the keywords to focus on and used them throughout the content
  • Customized all the services, added descriptions inserting SEO keywords where possible
  • Updated Best Alterations Yelp listing with the new website address
  • Client Name : Le Hung
  • Company Name : Best Alterations
  • Date : February 2022
  • Technology Used :
    • Google My Business
    • Photoshop
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