No One to Help until ATC Web Solutions Came Along

ATC Web Solutions was introduced to Charles Rubin many years ago through his wife, Betty Bethards. By the time ATC Web Solutions got involved with the website, Betty had passed and Charles had no support for the technology portion of the Foundation. ATC Web Solutions updated the website that had been untouched for 5 years and also did the audio editing and uploads of 48 of Betty’s historical lectures to CDBaby.

About the Inner Light Foundation

Betty Bethards started the Inner Light non-profit Foundation in 1969. The organization promotes meditation, that there is no death, dreams are for us to help ourselves and finally, although there is much more, she shares knowledge on how to be your own guru. Although Betty passed away in 2002, Charles Rubin, her husband, continues to move the Foundation forward. Betty wrote many books and Charles is an author and a Numerologist.


The old Inner Light Foundation website using HTML/CSS and FTP needed help. It had not been touched in years. In addition, the seminar recordings of Betty’s (on cassette tapes) needed to be transferred into downloadable audio files so that Betty’s lectures and seminars would not be lost.


ATC Web Solutions stepped in and made many enhancing changes to the website (working with the current technology and design that was already in place). We also took on the task of learning about audio editing using Audacity audio software. In addition, each of the 24 seminar recordings had to have an “album” cover and ATC Web Solutions worked with an artist (that Charles knew) to get the images designed and formatted. We analyzed the audio hosting industry and found one who could host the audio recordings and take payments for the downloads (CDBaby). All 24 seminar audio recordings were uploaded, along with the artwork in addition to all of the required metadata content, to CDBaby.


The Inner Light Foundation website was updated and looks much better than before (working with their same web design and technology). In addition, there are now 24 lecture recordings of Betty Bethards (48 individual ones since there are 2 per lecture) that are available for download (from the Inner Light Foundation website only). Since Betty’s death, the foundation and its popularity has declined but her message is still very unique and valuable. The next phase for the Foundation is to move the website to WordPress with a new design along with moving the website to SSL, update the content with new images and start writing blogs to promote the books that Betty wrote in addition to promoting her recorded seminars.

Website Details

  • Created a Contact Us page
  • Created Google Ad Words for numerology service
  • Created a consistent logo image for the website
  • Made the content consistent throughout the website
  • Worked on 48 different audio files refining them to be sold as downloadable audio files
  • Uploaded the 48 audio files, each seminar “album cover” image and wrote required meta data on CDBaby


  • Customized all the title tags and meta description tags
  • Determined keywords and used them throughout the content
  • Set up foundation on Google My Business
  • Client Name : Charles Rubin
  • Company Name : Inner Light Foundation
  • Date : 2018 to Present
  • Technology Used :
    • Dreamweaver
    • Photoshop
    • Illustrator
    • HTML
    • CSS
    • Javascript
    • FileZilla FTP
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