Small Painting Business Gets a Huge Lift from New Website

ATC Web Solutions met David when he came to help with some small construction work and a lot of painting. We found David incredibly knowledgeable around almost everything we asked regarding painting. He needed help with his business and we were web developers – what a match!!

About Innovation Painting

Rey David Valenzuela is the owner of Innovation Painting, and is both a licensed painting contractor and a licensed general contractor. He has been painting for over 15 years serving the San Jose and South Bay area. Innovation Painting has a passion to create and provide the highest quality of painting workmanship in addition to being creative for each customer.


David did not have the technical expertise to build a website himself but he knew that if he wanted to grow his business, he needed a web presence.


David had no logo but found a logo designer who created a custom design for him. ATC Web Solutions listened to David and found out what he specialized in. We created a sitemap, to start, and designed the website to look like paint swatches with muted colors. We wrote the content, purchased photos from online sources plus used many from David’s client project photos. It is an HTML/CSS website, so it’s older, but the design is still very presentable today.


Within about four months of having a website with all of the appropriate SEO keywords incorporated, his business grew. In fact, eventually he had to expand his staff to keep up with the new work.

Website Details

  • Set up web hosting with BlueHost
  • Purchased 3 domains, parking the other two for later use
  • Set up email so that his email would get pulled into his Gmail account
  • Performed the website development, organized the content, collaborated on the menus and wrote the content
  • Standardized the fonts and selected the color scheme (which can be key for a painter)
  • Designed the website so that your first impression was that you knew he was a painter
  • Created graphic sitemap to organize content
  • ATC Web Solutions continues to maintain website


  • Determined the keywords to use
  • Customized all the title tags and Meta description tags to use his keywords
  • Inserted keywords throughout the content and when naming images and adding alt tags
  • Added more content describing services, inserting keywords
  • Client Name : David Valenzuela
  • Company Name : Innovation Painting
  • Date : 2012 to 2020
  • Technology Used :
    • HTML/CSS
    • JavaScript
    • PHP
    • FileZilla FTP
    • Dreamweaver
    • Photoshop
    • Illustrator