Non-Profit Foundation Gives Back to the Community

With an updated website, the Los Gatos Community Foundation can now direct people to their website which explains their charter mission to support the community by fund raising and generously awarding scholarships and grants to deserving organizations in the area.

About Los Gatos Community Foundation

The Los Gatos Community Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit foundation dedicated to raising money to support, strengthen and enrich the quality of life in the Los Gatos Area Community. They give scholarships to seniors of the local high schools and grants to worthy non-profit organizations with specific needs such as Art Docents of Los Gatos, Assistance League of Los Gatos-Saratoga, The Health Trust, Los Gatos Museum Association, West Valley Community Services and many others.

ATC Web Solutions has been the webmaster for this website since 2005.


When we connected in 2005, the Los Gatos Community Foundation had a very outdated website that had been maintained by a webmaster that “just disappeared.” At first ATC Web Solutions helped them fix the errors on the antiquated website. Then the board decided they needed to completely rewrite, upgrade and revamp the website. They wanted to use the opportunity to reorganize how their foundation information was presented.

They were hosted by some obscure hosting company with a small Internet connection.

In addition the client wanted to emphasize the following aspects of their charter:

    1. Raising money for grants and scholarships
    2. Giving out awards
    3. Sponsoring small, “start up” non-profits by being an umbrella organization and allowing them to use the LGCF non-profit license


In 2005 the best option at the time was to create an Drupal/PHP website. The Los Gatos Community Foundation researched and secured the hosting company. ATC Web Solutions connected with the hosting company and set up the development site. We worked with the LGCF to design the menu and decide how the content would be laid out. We presented a few designs and the current design was the one picked. Our former software engineer, helped to design the site and engineered the back-end.


The Los Gatos Community Foundation is now able to direct people to their website with pride to help explain and advance their mission. They use the website to promote their fund-raising efforts, support the Town of Los Gatos and to host the images taken at fund-raising events. They are able to publicize and announce when they award scholarships and grants to the organizations they support. The website now fully communicates the goals and focus of their organization.

When funds become available to the LGCF, ATC Web Solutions plans to work with the foundation to upgrade their website to a more up-to-date platform.

Website Details

  • Website design by Ann Fitzsimons and Adam Amberden
  • Logo supplied by the client but had to be “reworked” by ATC Web Solutions for the website
  • ATC Web Solutions met with the client several times to discuss what they wanted and needed
  • In conjunction with the client, ATC Web Solutions managed the development of the web project
  • Collaborated with the client to completely reorganize the website
  • Collaborated with the client on the content and inserting keywords when needed
  • Quality control of the website is shared with the client
  • ATC Web Solutions continues to maintain the site


  • Customized all the title tags and the meta description tags
  • Determined the keywords to focus on and inserted them throughout the content every time new content is posted
  • Inserted their “mission statement” at the footer of each page to re-affirm what the organization was about
  • Keywords were used for links and that every page had at least three keyword phrases
  • XML and HTML site maps were created
  • Verified site in Webmaster Central
  • Installed Google analytics
  • Optimized images – most are associated with their annual fund raising event called the CATillion
  • Spell checked entire site
  • Client Name : Sharon Childs
  • Company Name : Los Gatos Community Foundation
  • Date : March 2005 to Present
  • Technology Used :
    • HTML and CSS with PHP
    • JavaScript
    • FTP
    • Illustrator
    • Photoshop
    • Dreamweaver
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