Chiropractor Building Credibility with New Websites

Dr. Petersen did not have a website or any marketing presence before his website was launched. Now he can be found on the web as well as refer current and potential clients to his website for in-depth information on his services. Dr. Petersen prefers to schedule appointments through the office so although he chooses to not schedule patients through the website, the practice can now receive email messages and connect with patients online.

About Petersen Chiropractic

Dr. Max Petersen is a board certified Doctor of Chiropractic in San Jose, CA, with many advanced trainings. He specializes in whiplash and back injuries and also works with sports injuries in individuals of all ages. He has advanced training working with Class IV lasers, Kinesio Taping and other technologies. He works with many sports teams in the area as a personal advisor. He has been a practicing Chiropractor since 2004.


Dr. Petersen did not have a website but needed to be found by potential clients, gain a competitive edge and build the credibility associated with a web presence. He decided creating a new website was the best way for him to achieve those goals. He tried working with at least two other web developers before ATC Web Solutions but they promised the moon and did not deliver.


Dr. Petersen started working with a logo design company to create a logo, and after that process concluded we developed a plan for the website. We met several times and learned about his practice, his passion for his work and his specialties. He started taking photos for the website and writing the content once we laid out an organized design for the menu. We found a WordPress template that would work for his business, customized it to meet his needs and the process of bringing photos with content (inserting keywords, of course) came together.

In addition to the new website ATC Web Solutions:

  • Created a Yelp presence
    • Added photos with keywords, logo, business hours and descriptions with keywords
  • Created a Google My Business presence
    • Added photos, office hours, logo, descriptions with keywords and categories


The new website makes Dr. Petersen’s business easier to find. He receives compliments and positive comments from his patients and he has already received Yelp reviews in addition to getting found via Google.

Website Details

  • Created account on GoDaddy
  • Obtained the domain and set up the site with GoDaddy and secured SSL
  • Set up WordPress instance
  • Made customization’s to the WordPress template
  • Project managed the entire development of the website
  • Organized the website worked directly with the client and determined the menus
  • Client supplied all of the photos
  • Client and ATC Web Solutions collaborated on writing the content
  • Logo was supplied by client
  • Wrote the title tags and Meta description tags
  • Continue to manage, maintain, and perform quality control on the website


  • Customized all the title tags and the Meta description tags
  • Determined the keywords to focus on and used them throughout the content, on images and tags
  • Added more content describing services, inserting keywords
  • Created graphic sitemap organizing the content
  • Set up a sitemap.xml and had it verified by Google
  • Set up Google My Business, added images and content
  • Set up Yelp site and added images and content
  • Client Name : Dr. Max Petersen
  • Company Name : Petersen Chiropractic
  • Date : Summer 2017 to March 2021
  • Technology Used :
    • WordPress
    • PHP
    • Photoshop
    • Illustrator