Hair Salon Owner Gets Visibility with Google Business Listing and Website

ATC Web Solutions first met Mary Santamaria in 2011 when our owner, Ann, moved to Mountain View. Ann just knew Mary would do a good job cutting her hair after looking at her amazing Yelp reviews. All Mary had was a Yelp site – no website – but she had over 50 5-star reviews on Yelp (as of October, 2020, she has over 60 reviews). In 2020, Mary allowed ATC Web Solutions to set up a one-page website to help with her marketing. Within two days of the new website on Google Business, Mary had a new client!

About Tanya’s Hair Design

Mary has built her hair cutting and hair styling business on years of experience working with every type of hair. She cuts women’s and men’s hair in addition to coloring and applying highlights with the ease of the professional hair dresser that she is! Tanya’s Hair Design has been in business since July 2, 1988. Mary greets you with a friendly smile and makes sure you walk out with your hair cut and hair coloring being styled just like you want it.


In 2017, after having her own hair salon in the same location for 20+ years with multiple hair stylists renting space from her, the owner of Mary’s building sold the property to be redeveloped. She had to close her business and rent a chair in another salon like many other hair stylists.

In doing so, she lost her Yelp listing and all of her 5-star reviews temporarily as Yelp does not allow you to keep your reviews if the business closes and you open as an individual. She didn’t want to set up another Yelp listing while renting a chair because she knew it would be temporary.  But now she hadn’t had any Yelp reviews for a couple of years and she had no website, nor did she have the technical knowledge to feel comfortable setting up a website on her own.


Finally, at the end of 2019 she moved back to her previous location in a brand new, updated salon, custom built to her specifications. The new Tanya’s Hair Salon has all new construction and was customized to Mary’s specifications. Mary was now ready to invite all of her clients back. ATC Web Solutions helped set up Mary on Yelp with a new/updated listing at her “new” location, uploading photos and entering in all of her business hours, descriptions and contact information. But the Yelp listing hadn’t had any activity for over two years. ATC Web Solutions created small Yelp sticker signs for Mary to post on all of the chair stations and on the front business window to encourage people to write Yelp reviews of her salon. This was a subtle way to communicate the need for reviews and was successful until COVID-19 hit and everything shut down.

Mary ended up being closed for months due to COVID-19 and faced uncertainty with the state’s evolving guidelines for hair salons and barber shops. In September, 2020, she was able to open again (under strict Covid regulations) and ATC Web Solutions realized a Google My Business listing would benefit Tanya’s Hair Design. We asked if we could create the listing for her and Mary said YES!

It took a while to get the listing verified, but as soon as it was, the listing started getting hits. Then ATC Web Solutions asked Mary if she could create a Google My Business one-page website for her salon, and she said yes again. She had been waiting for a relative to create a website for her but it never materialized.

ATC Web Solutions created the one-page website creating the top banner with her logo and adding all of the other needed content for the website. In addition, ATC created and posted a write-up about Mary’s precautions for handling Covid upon reopening to reassure potential customers. Within two days of creating the Google Business website Mary had a new client! The woman read the great reviews and the new post on Google about her precautions and decided to make an appointment. The client was so happy she came back later that day to say thank you AGAIN!

It’s customer feedback that motivates Mary and helps her find joy in her work. ATC Web Solutions was thrilled to have a role in bringing Tanya’s Hair Design new clients with a Google Business listing and one-page website.

Website Details

  • Created homepage graphic for the one-page website using Tanya’s Hair Design logo
  • Created Gmail account necessary for Google My Business listing
  • Went through the process of verifying the Google My Business Listing
  • Added Tanya’s Hair Design address and business hours confirming them with Mary
  • Added list of customized services


  • Set up Google My Business listing adding content inserting SEO
  • Determined the keywords to focus on and used them throughout the content
  • Customized all the services, added descriptions inserting keywords
  • Updated Yelp listing with new website address
  • Client Name : Mary Santamaria
  • Company Name : Tanya's Hair Design
  • Date : August 2020 to present
  • Technology Used :
    • Google My Business One-page Website
    • Photoshop
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