One-Page Websites for Small Businesses

Helping to Rebuild the Economy One Small Business at a Time

ATC Web Solutions works with the Google My Business tool to offer your small business the ability to have a simple, one-page website – FAST! The website is free, meaning you don’t have to pay any up-front or on-going costs to Google. For a one-time fee of $450 ATC Web Solutions will help set it up for you including your Google My Business listing. Setting it up may be a challenge if you just don’t have the time or you don’t have the photo editing tools to work with the one-page website.

Included in Our One-Time Set-up Fee of $450

  • Support for going through the process that Google requires when setting up a Google My Business listing (called verifying your business) – it can take time to verify
  • Set up Gmail account, if needed
  • Take the time to understand your business needs and target market
  • Add content, selecting the best SEO keywords, to create an exciting description for your company summary and business offerings for your one-page website.
  • Format and upload your logo. If you don’t have a logo, we will create a simple one in your header image
  • Create a header image of approximately 1080×608 pixels (minimum 480×270; maximum 2120×1192) or help to select one and optimize it
  • Select, crop, format, optimize and upload a maximum of 20 images including any of the following categories: before/after, interior, exterior, team, and general
  • Upload videos (Google supports videos up to 100 MB in size with resolutions of 720p or higher). They need to be no longer than 30 seconds and can take 24 hours to be verified
  • Training, if desired, on how to maintain the Google My Business one-page website (how to do postings, where and when to use keywords, etc.)

Let ATC Web Solutions help set up your Google My Business website properly, the first time!

How information is displayed on Google search results from Google My Business Listing

Initial Set-up Requirements for a One-Page Website from Google My Business

  • Your business will need to be verified by Google using one of the following methods:
    • a postcard mailed to your business address
    • a text message sent to your cell phone
    • a phone call to your business phone number
  • You will need to have a Gmail account to work with the Google Business account
NOTE: Your domain name will be something similar to so you do not need to have a domain name to have a one-page Google My Business website. If you want to purchase a domain name it will cost $12.00/month. With that domain name you will get full access to the G Suite of products. We can discuss your options if you want a domain name.

Features of Google My Business One-Page Website

  • It’s free to use
  • It’s mobile-friendly
  • It’s easy to use
  • Easier for your business to get found on Google
  • It can be managed on your mobile phone
  • Easy to add a cover photo or image, upload photos, videos, etc.
  • Includes embedded Google Map and highlights your contact and business hours information
  • The one-page Google My Business website automatically updates when you change your hours or any other business information in your Google My Business listing information
  • Able to easily reply to reviews posted on the site
  • Can list multiple services
  • Have one Call-To-Action button (Call Now, Contact Us, Get Directions, Get Quote, Make Appointment, Message Us or View Menu)
  • Can easily place ads on the site
  • Gives basic analytics such as most popular queries of how people found your website
  • Can easily add a Post (COVID-19 update, Offer, What’s New, Event or Product)
Example of One-Page website from ATC Web Solutions

One-Page Google My Business Website Has Limitations

When deciding to have a one-page website for your small business, you need to understand that there are limitations:

  • Your domain name will be very long. It will be formatted as so it will take some time to explain your web address to people
  • Has only 10 one-page themes to choose from and within those templates you are unable to change template fonts, colors and sizes
  • Have only ONE call-to-action button on the site
  • It’s a one-page website. There is no option to create additional web pages
  • There is a 750 character limit in the one content section that they offer
  • Google critiques your content and if they don’t like it, it will be removed
  • Allows only 9 images to be displayed and they are randomly selected from your photo library
  • The business name, address, phone and hours that are display are supplied from your Google My Business listing and can only be changed from the listing
  • Not able to add external applications (for example, plugins)
  • No ability to add custom page titles or any meta tag information (for SEO)
  • No advanced analytics integration
  • No social sharing buttons
  • Unable to add any alt text to images (for SEO)

View the Guidelines for representing your business on Google.

Having a Google My Business website doesn’t necessarily improve your ranking on Google. Your website still has to compete with all of the other sites on the web. As mentioned above, though, a one-page website is fast, easy-to-publish and easy to maintain.

If you need more than a one-page website – a website that allows you to express more information about your products and/or services in detail we recommend a new WordPress website. A WordPress site give you more control over your SEO and allows you to connect with your social media sites, to add more features like a home page slider, and to customize the look and feel of the site to suit your needs.