Building Your New WordPress Website

WordPress is the most popular Content Management System (CMS) in use today. It’s possible to do almost anything for a small business website with WordPress. It allows for artistic variety and the ability to add countless plugins for functionality all with ease-of use. At ATC Web Solutions we offer WordPress websites at affordable prices along with top-notch support service including WordPress maintenance after the site has been built.

If you need more than a one-page website, then creating a new WordPress website is the way to go. View our informational blog on what it takes to build a small business website.

Creating a WordPress website starts with understanding your business needs and company goals. We always begin with a graphic sitemap to layout all of the pages that will be needed for your WordPress website. We use WordPress templates – which is the best of both worlds! Using a WordPress template that has already been created and debugged allows us to help keep your costs down. We then customize the purchased template with colors and fonts that have been selected by you (usually to coincide with your logo). In addition, we add customized and optimized photos, images and videos to your new WordPress website. If you are not much of a writer – no problem – we help with writing the content too.

We do not use free WordPress templates since we have found that they tend to be older versions or can have quality issues. We prefer purchasing up-to-date WordPress templates that include support so that we can resolve any technical issues quickly. They tend to be the latest designs and usually don’t have compatibility issues with current plugins in addition they are usually up-to-date with the latest WordPress platform versions.

A sitemap to start planning your WordPress website

Suggested Web Pages For a New WordPress Website

  • Home page
    Main landing page for website
  • Contact Us
    This page should include your address, phone, email address, a contact form that can be submitted and there should be a Google map. This page should be in your main menu so that it is easy to find
  • About Us
    This page should have information that answer the following questions:
    • When did your company get started
    • What is the history of your company
    • Why and how did you get into your business
    • Do you have a mission statement or a philosophy of business you want to share, etc.
    The search engines want a thorough About Us web page so it should have some depth
  • Testimonials from customers
    It’s important for people to read what others think of your company, services and/or products. Testimonials can be on their own stand-alone webpage from the main menu or incorporated on the home page
  • Services and/or Products
    Write in detail what you have to offer and why your offerings are valuable. What makes you and/or your company different than other companies? What is your value? Break the information down into categories for the User to easily understand
  • FAQ’s
    If content is written properly, all answers should be incorporated into the subject web page within your website. But sometimes people are looking for very specific answers and it’s just easier to have a few short answers on an FAQ page. FAQ’s should be fast, summary answers to common questions you have been asked as a business owner. When creating a new WordPress website, FAQs can be a lower priority in the beginning but they are nice to have if you get asked the same questions all the time – plus they are good for snippets
  • Portfolio or Projects
    There should be at least six or seven examples of your client projects or portfolio that you have completed – with photos. The more, the better
  • Blog
    It’s recommended for SEO to write at least one blog a month (writing blogs can be in a second phase task, if you’re overwhelmed). A blog helps to keep your website content “active” which is what search engines like to see (which usually means your site will get rewarded with higher rankings)
  • Sitemap
    HTML page and XML page for search engine optimization (SEO) purposes (these are different from the sitemap used for organizing)
  • Terms of Use page
    This should contain content explaining how users can use your site
  • Privacy Policy page
    This is a statement that discloses how your website gathers, uses and manages customer information
  • Adwords Campaign landing page
    This is a specific web page that visitors land on if you are running an ad or sent an email with a link to click for more information. Landing pages can be created at any time and can be a second-phase task when building a new WordPress website

View detailed tips on writing content for small business WordPress websites.

Web Development Process for WordPress Websites

The flow chart below illustrates our website development process during our formal engagement for a WordPress website. Your project will be overseen by our Project Manager who is your single point of contact during the lifetime of the project. Our process ensures that your project is conducted in an orderly and efficient manner to come in on time and on budget.

ATC Web Solutions has a process for website services design and development for small businesses in San Jose, Mountain View and Silicon Valley