Effective Website Development and Great-Looking Website Designs

Your website is the first “face” many people see of your business. Having a website helps to legitimize your business while providing key information to potential clients. A frustrating website, due to poor website design, can turn a prospect off and discredit you quickly, so a clean first impression is critical. Approximately 75% of people judge a business’s credibility based on their website – how it looks, how it functions and how it presents the content.

All these aspects are the responsibility of a good web designer and web development company. Our goal, here at ATC Web Solutions, is to make sure that we exceed your expectations. To do this, we offer web design packages to accommodate most budgets.

Visitors to your website must be able to:

  • Quickly see what it is you do
  • Find the information they are looking for with as few clicks as possible
  • See information presented in a clear, logical way

Additionally, your website must:

  • Run effectively and easily
  • Load quickly
  • Be easy to read and understand

With all websites we create, we offer the following web design and development services for small businesses:

  • Responsive, mobile-friendly design
  • Cost effective designs
  • WordPress interfaces for easy management
  • Built with the latest technologies
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Web-optimized images
ATC Web Solutions creates websites and maintains websites using responsive design

Website Options from ATC Web Solutions

WordPress Website for Multiple web pages

The most effective website design and the most common is a WordPress website for multiple web pages. Multi-page websites allow for the most indexing by search engines as well as giving you unlimited number of web pages to promote your business, services and/or products. Multi-page websites are best for businesses with lots of content and for implementing the most in-depth search engine optimization (SEO) techniques. View more information about SEO criteria for websites.

ATC Web Solutions builds most of our multi-page websites using WordPress. WordPress is a content management system (CMS) which allows you to manage the website yourself, if you choose. We will be happy to train you to maintain your website. We are always available to make changes for you and help maintain the website, but a CMS gives you the flexibility to make changes to your website as you desire.

Fast, One-Page Website on Google My Business

Google My Business gives the option to businesses of creating a one-page website in addition to adding their business information to their own Google Business listing. The website itself is only a one page website. ATC Web Solutions can easily set this up for you, optimize it for SEO with your keywords and your pertinent business information. We can upload optimized images, your logo and present your content to be well-written with SEO.

Website Redesign or Website Revamp

We can usually look at a website and tell, within a few years, when the website was built – especially if it is an old website. Is your website looking tired and worn-out? Are you unable to add the latest features to your site? Are you trying to get out of a never-ending contract with a website service? ATC Web Solutions can redesign your current website to make it look and function better or we can rebuild it for you so you’re not dependent on a restrictive website service.

Hacked Website Repair

Has your website been hacked?? Did your website suddenly go off-line? Is your domain name redirecting to sites that are not yours? ATC Web Solutions can take a look at your site to see if it can be rescued, or how we can salvage it.

ATC Web Solutions produces responsive design websites

Professional Web Design

Having a website makes your business real. It gives your small or mid-sized business credibility. It shows you cared enough to invest in promoting your services and/or products. Plus, in today’s world, the web is the first place people go.

ATC Web Solutions helps to make your website sharp-looking and display perfectly on any device it is viewed on (called responsive design).

We work with ready-made, bug-tested (and therefore less expensive) website templates and that we then customize to meet your color scheme, font, roll-over specifications and other template changes. We are experts at pulling together photos and images to reflect what is said in the content – all to show off your business!

Web Development

With all websites, the primary purpose is to provide a great experience for the visitor, to help them get to information quickly and to contact you. If you have a website with lots of movement and fancy effects, the visitor can be overwhelmed and quickly leave.

ATC Web Solutions strives to create sensible front-end development (what the User sees) and a functioning back-end (the technical stuff we do) so that everything works! The KISS principle (Keep It Simple)!

We work with WordPress (THE most popular Content Management System) in addition to Drupal and Joomla. View the usage statistics and market share of WordPress compared to other CMSs.

Our Web Development Process (especially for New Websites)

The flow chart below illustrates our website development process following our formal engagement.

Your projects are overseen by our Project Manager who is your single point of contact during the lifetime of the project. View more information regarding building new websites.

Our process ensures that your project is conducted in an orderly and efficient manner, with lots of communication in order to have projects come in on time and on budget.

ATC Web Solutions has a process for website services design and development for small businesses in San Jose, Mountain View and Silicon Valley

Below are some of the Technologies Used to Support Small Business Websites

Web Technologies used by ATC Web Solutions to help support small business websites

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