Content Management Systems - What Are They and Why Should You Care?

A Content Management System (CMS) is a platform most websites are built on that allow Users to easily make edits on their website. Previously people needed to use FTP (File Transfer Protocol) in conjunction with software applications such as Dreamweaver in order to make changes to websites. Now, you just log in, find the web page you want to edit, and change it!

ATC Web Solutions works with most current Content Management Systems:

  • WordPress (recommended)
  • Drupal
  • Joomla
  • Wix
  • Google Business
  • AEM – Adobe Experience Manager
  • PM Systems (niche platform for Credit Unions)

In addition, ATC Web Solutions has no problem using Dreamweaver with FTP to maintain older HTML/CSS websites.

Why WordPress?

To begin with, WordPress powers more than 38% of all websites around the world. With WordPress having a 60.8% market share of the CMS market, why not work with technology that so many others are already using?

We will train you on the best practices for posting content on your new business website. If you have a smartphone we can train you how to edit and post right from your cell phone.

WordPress websites have great versatility and their CMS can be used for a simple blog site, a multi-page website, photography galleries, video, audio, as well as full-featured shopping carts and can all be added to a WordPress theme design.

We use the WordPress CMS for most of our website builds. It’s very user-friendly and robust, and it can grow with your business.

Graphic showing how a CMS works

Benefits to a Content Management System (CMS)

  • Simplicity CMSs give ease and simplicity in controlling your website. It allows you to log in and start working on your website. If you are able to enter content and upload images on applications such as Facebook, you should be able to easily manage and update your own website content.
  • Decreased Costs CMSs help to decrease the cost of maintaining websites by eliminating the need to hire a web specialist to do routine updates. ATC Web Solutions will be happy to train you to manage your web content.
  • Convenience It’s easy to copy and paste content that you have written directly from a Word document (or some other editor) to any web page. Updating images is as simple as finding the image on your laptop and clicking “upload”. If needed you can even resize the image directly within WordPress. If you want, we will be happy to train you on how to work with images.
  • Instant Results Changes made through a content management system are instant. Once you click the “update” button, you changes will be saved and changed. There is also the option of saving the pages as a draft (usually done when first working with a new page).
  • Multiple Users Responsibilities for maintaining content can be divided among your staff depending on their field of expertise. Access constraints and rules can easily be set within WordPress. Another status that is available is that you can set a page to have an editor audit the changes before the content goes live.
  • Well Supported in the Technical Industry WordPress has been around since May, 2003. Since then it has grown, improved and expanded. There are so many plugins (many for free) that you almost can’t get the same versatility with many other CMSs. In other words it is well supported in the technical community – lots of people know how to work with WordPress. That means that if you are dissatisfied with your current WordPress support organization, there will be others who can step in and take over to help support your WordPress website.