Why is it easier to write for others and not yourself

Is it SO Difficult to Write Content for Your Own Website?

Here I am a web developer and I have my own website. I also know SEO so I KNOW how important it is to keep your website up-to-date and to not let it get “stale.” So why don’t I keep it up-to-date? As a naturally disciplined person, you would think that I would have the ability to set the goal to write a blog for my own website once a month and complete it…. but do I? NO! Crazy, I know.

So why is it so difficult to find the time and energy to write a blog once a month? I’m going to try to answer that elusive question.

I swear, it’s easier for me to reach out to my clients and ask them for information to post a blog or post a posting on their Google My Business listing than it is for me to write my own. I think of it as packing. Let me explain. When my kids were little, it was always easier for me to pack my kids than it was for me to pack for myself when we were about to travel. Again, go figure.

I believe it all comes down to decisions and priorities. It’s easier to be the outsider and do things for others than it is to have to do things for yourself. Plus, I always put my customers first so if there is something for me that I have to do, I always put it off. Coming up with new content is tough but I have found that even updating my own website is difficult. For the last few months I’ve added new clients: Berryessa Chiropractic, Best Alterations and AR-MEX Janitorial. But have I added them to the projects area of my website? NO! Well, one of them I have as of this writing. It’s frustrating and I’m not happy with myself, to say the least.

But it is what happens. To be honest, websites are a pain to maintain. Again, I’m saying this and I’m a web developer for heaven’s sake. In bigger companies, there are departments to handle the details. For example, there is the HR department to hire people, the IT department to take care of laptops and networking issues and even Marketing departments to take care of websites, emails and social media.

But in small companies owners everything lands on the shoulders of the owner and then we come back to priorities and time.

So now that I’ve finished writing this Blog I’m determined to become more disciplined and set dates of when I need to do more blog postings and updating my website. Let’s see how far I get – habits are tough to change.

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