Creating a business website is hard work

It's Hard Work to Create a Small Business Website!

It’s tough creating a website – let’s just get that out there right off the bat!

Creating a new website or revamping a current one is, to be plain, just a pain in the rear. In today’s world you can’t get by without a website so you can’t avoid it for long.

Once you finally admit to yourself that you need a website or need to revamp the one you have, then you have to try and figure out the next steps.

If you’re not technical, which, to be honest, describes most small business or small organization owners, that’s the first hurtle and it can be a big one. There are so many technical questions to ask and usually non-technical business owners don’t know the right ones to ask. Who can you trust to not rip you off? There are tons of people happy to over-charge you for a website. You can spend between hundreds of dollars to over ten thousand on up, depending on how extensive of a website you want to build.

If having technical issues to conquer weren’t enough, then there is the content. What to write? Thinking as a small business owner, you may figure that you only need to have a simple website – maybe a one-page website to get started. That may be true. If that is the case then you want to make sure that you set the groundwork in order to allow your needs to expand. View the blog on Deciding Between a One-Page Website or a WordPress website

Trust me, as an experienced web developer, websites grow and business needs change. What you think of as simple, over time, usually tends to grow.

Once you get your basic information created, you start realizing that it might be wise to post frequently asked questions. That would help your staff and your customers. Then maybe you realize that you could post more detailed information about your products and/or services. Lots of times, too, I find that business owners start looking at their competitor’s websites and realize that, hey, maybe I could add that kind of information to my website too. So, yes, websites usually grow.

When it comes to writing content, what you need to ask yourself is what makes you and your business unique? Do you extend extra customer service that you know your competitors don’t do? Do you help your customers or clients with extra training? Do you extend extra credit or payment plans? Are you in a location where you are more convenient than your competitors?

ATC Web Solutions is not here to rip you off. We don’t believe that it’s OK to deceive or over-charge people.

Please give us a call and we will try to help you figure things out in regards to your website and what makes the best sense for your business and your goals.


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